Timbercreek U.S. Multi-Residential Opportunity Fund #1 Wind-up Update

TORONTO, ON—(Marketwired – November 17, 2017) – Timbercreek U.S. Multi–Residential Opportunity Fund #1 (the “Fund“) today announced that, with the receipt of the Ontario Securities Commission Decision 2017/0601 (the “Decision“), the Fund is no longer a reporting issuer under applicable securities legislation. The cessation of reporting issuer status is a key milestone in the previously announced wind–up of the Fund (the “Wind–up“).

Having successfully concluded its investment purpose, the Fund applied to cease to be a reporting issuer because, among other reasons, it has ceased carrying on business (other than for the purpose of effecting the Wind–up) and the Manager felt it was in the best interests of the unitholders that the Fund ceased to be a reporting issuer and reduced its expenses accordingly.

The Manager has filed an application for a tentative refund claim with the Internal Revenue Service of the United States (the “IRS“) to carry–back a net operating loss in order to obtain a refund of prior year federal income taxes paid to which the Fund may be entitled. It is expected that the IRS will process the Fund's application for a tentative refund claim by mid–2018, and although there can be no assurance that the IRS will make a determination in favour of the Fund, the Manager expects to distribute any remaining net proceeds, and complete the Wind–up promptly after a determination is made.

In connection with the Decision, the Fund has agreed with the applicable securities regulatory authorities that it will no longer consent to transfers of its securities. Investors are advised to contact their investment advisor, stockbroker, bank, trust company or other nominee if they have questions regarding the transferability of their securities.

About the Fund

The Fund is a limited partnership governed by the laws of the Province of Ontario which was formed on August 30, 2012. The Fund was established for the primary purpose of acquiring multi–residential investment properties in the south–eastern United States that were mispriced and/or undermanaged in the view of Timbercreek Asset Management Inc., the Fund's manager. The objectives of the Fund were to (i) enhance the value of the investment properties through active management and a stabilization and improvement program with the goal of ultimately disposing of the investment properties to generate significant gains and (ii) make quarterly cash distributions to Unitholders from distributable cash flow, as defined in the Fund's prospectus dated April 29, 2013.

For more information on the Fund and Timbercreek Asset Management Inc., please visit www.timbercreek.com.

This news release may contain forward–looking statements (within the meaning of applicable securities laws) relating to the Fund. Forward–looking statements are identified by words such as “believe”, “anticipate”, “project”, “expect”, “intend”, “plan”, “will”, “may”, “estimate”, “pro–forma” and other similar expressions. These statements are based on the Fund's expectations, estimates, forecasts and projections and include, without limitation, statements regarding the , the Wind–up. The forward–looking statements in this news release are based on certain assumptions, and they are not guarantees of future performance and involve risks and uncertainties that are difficult to control or predict. A number of factors could cause actual results to differ materially from the results discussed in the forward–looking statements. There can be no assurance that forward–looking statements will prove to be accurate as actual outcomes and results may differ materially from those expressed in these forward–looking statements. Readers, therefore, should not place undue reliance on any such forward–looking statements. Further, these forward–looking statements are made as of the date of this news release and, except as expressly required by applicable law, the Fund assumes no obligation to publicly update or revise any forward–looking statement, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise.

Neohire Elite recruits CFO at OPSkins

TARZANA, CA—(Marketwired – November 17, 2017) – Neohire South, the talent search firm of choice for some of the hottest startups from FIGS to Clutter, has placed a new CFO at OPSkins. Jason Seldon, an operational leader with over 20+ years experience between PwC, Disney, and startups Business.com and Coin–In, is taking on this new role, thanks to Neohire Elite.

OPSkins is the largest marketplace to safely and securely buy and sell digital items. They are an eCommerce leader in eSports digital merchandise and the first to offer comprehensive digital escrow services and multi–currency payment options to millions of collectors and traders in over 150 countries. The team at OPSkins was looking for another exceptional person to continue to innovate in their global marketplace which includes 400 million millennial customers and $25 billion in annual sales.

“We were looking for a very specific profile to complete our team,” begins William Quigley CEO at OPSkins. “Shane at Neohire Elite was able to pinpoint exactly what we were looking for, bringing us a candidate with relevant experience in large enterprises as well as in start–ups. When we met Seldon, it was clear to us he was the right fit for this position.”

“Working with the team at Neohire Elite was an absolute pleasure from start to finish,” confirms Jason Seldon, now CFO at OPSkins. “Their team of talented recruiters really understands clients' needs. I truly enjoyed working with them as Neohire Elite placed me in a role that's a perfect fit for both me and OPSkins.”

“Thanks to over 10 years of experience in recruitment, we have been able to develop a solid network of high level connections,” shares Josh Stomel, Founder at Neohire Elite. “We understood the unique role OPSkins was looking to fill and we were confident the experience Seldon had in large enterprises and start–ups positioned him perfectly for this role. On top of this, we know Seldon has the drive to match the direction OPSkins is heading.”

As a leader in the talent search industry, Neohire Elite is designed specifically to help CEOs, boards, and investors transform their technology businesses into high–performance organizations.

They excel at high–level expertise–driven recruiting that delivers results, empowering organizations to focus on their regular business operations throughout the recruitment process.

About Neohire South
Neohire South is a talent search firm that helps technology startups build epic companies. Leveraging in–depth market knowledge and strategic industry relationships, Neohire South consistently delivers exceptional leaders from its vast network of candidates who are drivers of outstanding results. Neohire South headquarters are in Tarzana, California and Santa Monica.

Please visit:

BBX Capital Announces Bluegreen Vacations Has Commenced Trading On the New York Stock Exchange

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL—(Marketwired – November 17, 2017) – BBX Capital Corporation (NYSE: BBX) (OTCQX: BBXTB) (“BBX Capital” or the “Company”) today announced that Bluegreen Vacations Corporation's (NYSE: BXG) (“Bluegreen Vacations” or “Bluegreen”) common stock commenced trading on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol “BXG”.

About BBX Capital Corporation:
BBX Capital Corporation (formerly BFC Financial Corporation) (NYSE: BBX) (OTCQX: BBXTB) is a diversified holding company whose activities include its ownership of Bluegreen Vacations Corporation and, through its Real Estate and Middle Market Divisions, the acquisition, ownership and management of joint ventures and investments in real estate and real estate development projects and middle market operating businesses.

About Bluegreen Vacations Corporation:
Bluegreen Vacations Corporation (NYSE: BXG) (formerly Bluegreen Corporation), founded in 1966 and headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, is a leading vacation ownership company that markets and sells vacation ownership interests (VOIs) and manages resorts in top leisure and urban destinations. The Bluegreen Vacation Club is a flexible, points–based, deeded vacation ownership plan with approximately 211,000 owners, 67 Club and Club Associate Resorts and access to more than 11,000 other hotels and resorts through partnerships and exchange networks. Bluegreen Vacations also offers a portfolio of comprehensive, fee–based resort management, financial, and sales and marketing services, to or on behalf of third parties.

This press release contains forward–looking statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended. All opinions, forecasts, projections, future plans or other statements, other than statements of historical fact, are forward–looking statements. Forward–looking statements involve risks and uncertainties, including that the initial public offering is subject to certain closing conditions and may not be completed on the contemplated terms, or at all, that the underwriters may not exercise their option to purchase additional shares in full or at all, and risks and uncertainties regarding the impact that the initial public offering and future trading price of Bluegreen Vacations may have on BBX Capital. Forward–looking statements speak only as of the date of this press release, and neither BBX Capital nor Bluegreen Vacations assumes any obligation to publicly update or revise any forward–looking statements, whether as a result of new information or for any other reason, except as required by law.

Angle PLC: Holding(s) in Company

GUILDFORD, SURREY—(Marketwired – Nov 17, 2017) –  Angle PLC (AIM: AGL) (OTCQX: ANPCY)


TR–1: Standard form for notification of major holdings

NOTIFICATION OF MAJOR HOLDINGS (to be sent to the relevant issuer and to the FCA in Microsoft Word format if possible)i
1a. Identity of the issuer or the underlying issuer of existing shares to which voting rights are attachedii:   ANGLE plc
1b. Please indicate if the issuer is a non–UK issuer (please mark with an “X” if appropriate)
Non–UK issuer    
2. Reason for the notification (please mark the appropriate box or boxes with an “X”)
An acquisition or disposal of voting rights   X
An acquisition or disposal of financial instruments    
An event changing the breakdown of voting rights    
Other (please specify)iii:    
3. Details of person subject to the notification obligationiv
Name   Covington Fund II Inc.
City and country of registered office (if applicable)   Toronto, Canada
4. Full name of shareholder(s) (if different from 3.)v
City and country of registered office (if applicable)    
5. Date on which the threshold was crossed or reachedvi:   November 16, 2017
6. Date on which issuer notified (DD/MM/YYYY):   November 16, 2017
7. Total positions of person(s) subject to the notification obligation
  % of voting rights attached to shares (total of 8. A)   % of voting rights through financial instruments
(total of 8.B 1 + 8.B 2)
  Total of both in % (8.A + 8.B)   Total number of voting rights of issuervii
Resulting situation on the date on which threshold was crossed or reached 3.91%   N/A   3.91%   117,086,522
Position of previous notification (if
8. Notified details of the resulting situation on the date on which the threshold was crossed or reachedviii
A: Voting rights attached to shares
Class/type of
ISIN code (if possible)
Number of voting rightsix   % of voting rights
(Art 9 of Directive
(Art 10 of Directive 2004/109/EC) (DTR5.2.1)
(Art 9 of Directive 2004/109/EC) (DTR5.1)
(Art 10 of Directive 2004/109/EC) (DTR5.2.1)
Ordinary Shares
4,579,169       3.91%    
SUBTOTAL 8. A 4,579,169   3.91%
B 1: Financial Instruments according to Art. 13(1)(a) of Directive 2004/109/EC (DTR5.3.1.1 (a))
Type of financial instrument Expiration
Conversion Period
  Number of voting rights that may be acquired if the instrument is
  % of voting rights
      SUBTOTAL 8. B 1   N/A   N/A
B 2: Financial Instruments with similar economic effect according to Art. 13(1)(b) of Directive 2004/109/EC (DTR5.3.1.1 (b))
Type of financial instrument Expiration
Conversion Period
  Physical or cash
  Number of voting rights   % of voting rights
          SUBTOTAL 8.B.2   N/A   N/A
9. Information in relation to the person subject to the notification obligation (please mark the applicable box with an “X”)
Person subject to the notification obligation is not controlled by any natural person or legal entity and does not control any other undertaking(s) holding directly or indirectly an interest in the (underlying) issuerxiii
Full chain of controlled undertakings through which the voting rights and/or the financial instruments are effectively held starting with the ultimate controlling natural person or legal entityxiv (please add additional rows as necessary)
Namexv % of voting rights if it equals or is higher than the notifiable threshold   % of voting rights through financial instruments if it equals or is higher than the notifiable threshold   Total of both if it equals or is higher than the notifiable threshold
10. In case of proxy voting, please identify:
Name of the proxy holder   N/A
The number and % of voting rights held    
The date until which the voting rights will be held    
11. Additional informationxvi
Place of completion Toronto, Canada
Date of completion November 16, 2017