Only 22% of Adherence Teams Work With Patients During Early Clinical Stages of Product Development

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC—(Marketwired – August 02, 2017) – The highest percentage of surveyed life science teams — 66% — begin patient adherence activities during either Phase 3 of product development or the registration and launch window, according to pharmaceutical intelligence firm Cutting Edge Information.

Data recently published in Patient Adherence Program Planning: Drive Compliance to Improve Treatment Outcomes also found that in comparison to the 22% of patient adherence teams that work with patient organizations early on, 51% of surveyed teams delay activities with them until a product's first year on the market or later.

The study found that the earlier life science teams initiate partnerships with patient advocacy groups, the better. However, after analyzing existing trends within the pharmaceutical industry, data from the study show that many patient adherence teams may need to accelerate their timelines.

“Pharmaceutical companies seeking to improve patient adherence rates may want to target product accessibility concerns first,” said Adam Bianchi, senior director of research at Cutting Edge Information. “Partnerships with key advocacy groups can help life science teams develop initiatives aimed at improving medication affordability for patient audiences.”

Many surveyed companies reported having stronger campaigns aimed at achieving private and public payer coverage for their products when collaborating with patient advocacy groups. In cases where payers remain reluctant to cover products, life science teams and patient advocacy groups worked together to brainstorm additional solutions.

Patient Adherence Program Planning: Drive Compliance to Improve Treatment Outcomes, available at–adherence–program–planning/, examines how pharmaceutical, biotechnology and other life science companies develop and support patient adherence topics. The report includes detailed benchmarking metrics and case studies of winning initiatives, including budgets, timing, outsourcing and vendor selection, as well as program channels — including digital and mobile resources — for new patient adherence initiatives.

The report is a decision support tool for life science companies seeking to implement or improve their approaches to patient adherence. The report is designed to help executives:

  • Develop a winning combination of patient adherence activities across a range of media
  • Take advantage of new patient adherence technologies and strategies, such as gamification
  • Benchmark budget and staffing resources for patient adherence initiatives
  • Discover industry trends and insights into new approaches for patient adherence programs

For more information about Cutting Edge Information's patient adherence research and to obtain a copy of Patient Adherence Program Planning: Drive Compliance to Improve Treatment Outcomes, please visit

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