Barrows Hotels Comments on Recent Global Investors Meeting

LONDON, Nov. 01, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The hotel development industry is accelerating the completion of its business improvement initiatives aimed at creating promising new opportunities for investors.

The initiative is supported by the flexibility and effectiveness of relaxed government procedures worldwide and the numerous benefits it offers investors.

The announcement follows a digital meeting with government officials from several countries who see the importance of strengthening the global investment climate.
A large majority of investors say these initiatives will have a positive effect on the business climate in the global hotel industry.

Erwin Jager, chairman of Barrows Hotel Enterprises, confirmed that the hotel industry will continue to create the conditions necessary to strengthen its status for global investment.

As a developer and hotel investor, Barrows Hotel Enterprises focuses on the MENA Region and sees good opportunities after the global pandemic. The company has daily contacts with institutional and private stakeholders within the industry.

We see the accelerated growth of the investment environment in the hotel sector. In today's post–pandemic world, we need to keep pace with global developments while remaining vigilant and adaptive in our response to the ongoing rapid changes in our industry.

"The relationship with international investors is strong and we remain committed to continuous innovation and creating exceptional business opportunities that will drive growth within the hotel industry," said Erwin Jager.

Together we ensure that the hotel industry continues to offer opportunities within a very stable, sustainable and attractive environment. This offers huge opportunities worldwide to boost employment

Investors have recently indicated that the improvements will help improve procedures and reduce effort. This creates promising new investment opportunities.

Efforts by government agencies are welcomed with open arms. This allows the hotel industry to continue to create new opportunities to improve and simplify their services.

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OKEx launches CME-like portfolio margin system for the crypto industry

VICTORIA, Seychelles, Nov. 01, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — OKEx has announced the launch of a new advanced trading mode for professional and institutional traders "" portfolio margin "" as part of its efforts to build the world's most powerful trading platform for crypto traders. The new trading mode is available on the platform's web and API versions for high–volume traders as of today, Nov. 1.

Portfolio margin on OKEx is designed for high–volume professional traders, including market makers and institutions, looking to substantially reduce their capital requirements. The mode offers traders "" and especially market makers for cryptocurrency futures and options "" significantly reduced margin calculation. Notably, OKEx sees this new feature as a way to address the current problem of fragmented liquidity across crypto options markets.

A risk management system similar to portfolio margin "" standardized portfolio analysis of risk, or SPAN "" was first pioneered for traditional finance participants by the world's largest derivatives exchange, CME Group. With the release of the new portfolio margin mode on OKEx, the platform is leading the way in the cryptocurrency industry by introducing this powerful tool for capital efficiency enhancement and risk management.

OKEx's version of this trading mode stands out from competitors by allowing for multiple–currency portfolio margining "" meaning that a trader can open derivatives positions with significantly reduced margin requirements across multiple currencies at the same time.

With its new portfolio margin mode, alongside industry leading liquidity, OKEx is showing its commitment to providing the most advanced tools and best possible trading experience for its customers.

About OKEx

Founded in 2017, OKEx is one of the world's leading cryptocurrency spot and derivatives exchanges. OKEx has innovatively adopted blockchain technology to reshape the financial ecosystem and offers some of the most diverse and sophisticated products, including our recently launched DeFi ecosystem and NFT Marketplace.

Trusted by more than 20 million users in over 180 regions across the globe, its mission is to empower every individual through the promotion and advancement of cryptocurrencies globally.

Andrea Leung

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Open Society Foundations Call for Release of Wrongfully Imprisoned Kavala

New York, Nov. 01, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Open Society Foundations join today with thousands of voices inside and outside Turkey, calling on the Turkish government to comply with the rule of law and end the imprisonment of Osman Kavala, the philanthropist and businessman who today marks his fourth year behind bars.

"The continued prosecution of this case shines a spotlight on the erosion of the rule of law in Turkey," said Open Society Foundations President Mark Malloch–Brown. "Kavala has now spent more than 1,400 days in prison, even though he has never been convicted of a crime and top European and Turkish courts have ruled he should be freed."

"The prosecution of this case is not about the law," Malloch–Brown added. "It is an effort to silence independent voices like Kavala's within Turkey."

Kavala was originally arrested in 2017. He remains behind bars even though the European Court of Human Rights ruled in 2019 that he should be freed, citing the lack of evidence against him. Kavala was subsequently acquitted by a top Turkish court in 2020, and then immediately rearrested on additional bogus charges.

Before his arrest, Kavala ran a local foundation he had established to support the arts, culture, and human rights. He also served on the boards of a number of organizations including Open Society's now–closed Turkish foundation. President Erdogan's campaign of slander against Kavala has included distorting and misrepresenting his entirely open and legitimate contacts with Open Society and its founder George Soros.

"We call for justice to prevail and an end to the cruel imprisonment of Osman Kavala, who for decades has fought for basic, fundamental rights for all," Malloch–Brown said.

Read more about Open Society's work in Turkey.

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NetJets Celebrates One Year of Global Sustainability Program Launch

COLUMBUS, OHIO, Nov. 01, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — NetJets, the leader in private aviation with more than 760 aircraft worldwide, today celebrates the first anniversary of its Global Sustainability Program by sharing a progress update and highlights of the last year:

  • Earlier this year, NetJets invested in the production of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) through a deal with WasteFuel, which includes an offtake of 100 million gallons of SAF over the next decade.
  • NetJets saw a 71% increase in Blue Skies enrollment, which encourages Owners worldwide to take responsibility for the environmental impact of their flight by seamlessly purchasing the equivalent amount of carbon credits to ensure their flight activity is carbon neutral.
  • In July, NetJets Europe (NJE) became the first customer to purchase Air bp's sustainable aviation fuel, marking NJE's entry into the SAF space.

The following global metrics outline the results of these and other collective sustainability efforts over the last year:

  • Over 751,000 gallons of SAF uplifted
  • 2.5 million nautical miles flown with SAF
  • Approximately $100,000 in CO2 offset by NetJets admin and training flights

"The last year has seen some really exciting advancements for NetJets in our sustainability efforts," said Brad Ferrell, Executive Vice President of Administrative Services. "We're energized to see our peers in the private and commercial sectors making sustainability commitments of their own. In the years to come, NetJets looks forward to being at the forefront of sustainable aviation fuel and other initiatives that will keep our industry at the cutting–edge."

A subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, NetJets aligns its Global Sustainability Program with the holding company's commitment to the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals. To follow NetJets' sustainability progress, visit–us/sustainability.

About NetJets

Beginning as the first private jet charter and management company, NetJets has led the industry for 55+ years. Then in 1986, they revolutionized it with the concept of shared ownership and proceeded to build the largest, most diverse private jet fleet in the world. Today, NetJets is proud to be a Berkshire Hathaway company known for its unwavering commitment to safety, service, and unmatched global access. NetJets' industry–leading scale and business model offer NetJets and its Owners dependable financial sustainability unlike any other in the industry. For these reasons and many more, NetJets will continue to be the favored choice of the world's most discerning travelers for generations to come. For more information about the world's most reliable and trusted aviation company, please visit

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