Wall Street guru brings fintech secrets to South Africa

CAPE TOWN, South Africa, Nov. 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The man whose real life story was portrayed by Hollywood superstar Leonardo DiCaprio in the mega Box Office movie, The Wolf of Wall Street, will be in South Africa in December. Jordan Belfort, “The Real Wolf of Wall Street,” will take part in the intensive Phenom Sunrise, a technological forum held in Cape Town. The conference aims to unleash the “business beast” in 200 entrepreneurs from over 20 countries, and provided with the help of TAFFDs, a Global Nongovernmental organization registered in the USA as a nonprofit corporation that serves as a futuristic Think Tank endeavored to the education and engagement urgency to help people understand the benefits and challenges of technology applied to high–affected industries and disciplines across the world.

Phenom Ecosystem, a high–tech digital space where services, products, and solutions are organized around users' needs, will host the event. The forum organizers have invited Jordan Belfort to share his knowledge and experience with the trailblazing participants, motivate them to achieve their goals, and teach his approach to life, business, and finance. Belfort's focus at the conference will be to demystify complicated money technologies such as Blockchain and digital currencies.

Belfort's main task is to simplify all that tech jargon that today's generation of entrepreneurs needs to decode in order to grow their portfolios in technology–based businesses,” said the organizer of the workshop and the CEO of Phenom Platform Ltd, Yaroslav Gordeev. “Not only will the participants learn from the man who inspired the Martin Scorsese–directed big–screen drama, but they will also get to meet him and have a chat. The experience has to be real. We want our participants to take the fintech lessons home but also be able to look at their pictures with the real Wolf of Wall Street and remain motivated in their entrepreneurial pursuits. The participants will also listen to other experienced entrepreneurs and tech experts and find out about the future of the African and global markets. They will have a chance to learn about the most innovative digital products and expand their passive income opportunities.”

Belfort has urged all the participants to be ready for a life–changing event. “I'm finally coming to Cape Town after so many years. Prepare to be blown away – it's going to be an outstanding event. I will teach about entrepreneurship, sales, and how to take your life and business to the next level,” said Belfort.

The conference will be held at the Mount Nelson, a Belmond Hotel, Cape Town on December 8–12, 2021. The ultimate training session with Jordan Belfort will take place on December 9, 2021.

About Phenom

Phenom is a high–tech digital space where services, products, and solutions are organized around users' needs. Phenom Ecosystem is a decentralized system of digital products that unites thousands of people worldwide. It helps users benefit from blockchain technology and get a profit by monetizing their time and smartphone resources.

About TAFFDs
The acronym "TAFFD's" stands for Transdisciplinary Agora for Future Discussion. The name was coined by the founder who believes that a single–based approach in understanding reality will lead to ideological supremacy. Hence, they should be an "Agora" (Greek word for Marketplace) where ideas from this multidisciplinary field are "Transdisciplinary" "Discussed" and applied for a better "Future," which starts now.

Media contact:
Victoria Ustimenko–Laskina
Global Head of Markets at TAFFDs

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CEDEM AG donates immunity boosting products, PPE to Ghana’s Maamobi Polyclinic

ACCRA, Ghana, Nov. 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — CEDEM AG, a Swiss–based global nutraceutical company, has made a donation to Maamobi Polyclinic within the Ayawaso North Constituency of the Greater Accra Region of the Republic of Ghana.

Rasha Oudeh, CEO and founder of CEDEM AG, who presented the donation items to the polyclinic while on her business trip to Ghana, said she was very happy to be in the country as she considers Ghana to be one of the most stable countries in Sub–Saharan Africa to invest in, especially as it has a business friendly and peaceful environment that is conducive for trade and commerce.

The donated items included Vitamin C, Vitamin Ions, Paracetamol, face masks and hand sanitizers.

Ms. Oudeh said: "what we offer the world, we embody within. Our values unite us and drive us forward and they "inspire us to inspire people" to maintain their wellbeing and be healthy. Our vision stems from our essence, of which we aim to be every person's partner in wellbeing."

Accompanied by Sheikh Dr. Ibrahim Ibn Saana, PhD, a Public Health Pharmacist at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, Ms. Oudeh added: "we are happy to shoulder our corporate social responsibility, and we are committed to making a difference in the healthcare sector through this modest donation. It is our hope and desire to help boost our Ghanaian brothers' and sisters' immunity and maintain their wellbeing, especially as the Covid–19 pandemic continues to affect the lives of people across the globe."

A Principal Nursing Officer at the Emergency Unit of the Mamobi Polyclinic, Ms. Mary Yost, received the items on behalf of the administrator of the facility, Helen Tettey.

Ms. Oudeh said the donation to the facility was the first phase of donations the company would make to health facilities, including the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital (KBTH).

The CEDEM AG founder and global business magnate said CEDEM AG believes in Africa and its future. It already operates in other African countries such as Nigeria, Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Uganda and Ethiopia.

CEDEM AG, established in 1991 with headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland, has several branches worldwide, including in Germany, United Kingdom, Ireland and Jordan. Its multi–cultural teams' expertise and presence are spread around the world through dedicated affiliates and key partnerships in almost 30 countries.

Its team relentlessly operates under the latest quality standards to develop health solutions for people's needs. In all its work, CEDEM AG strives to be innovative, passionate and deliver the best quality.


Dana Abu Sham
+962 7 7652 4125

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Enernet Global acquires KPS Power Africa

NEW YORK, Nov. 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Enernet Global Inc. ("Enernet"), a distributed energy service company whose mission is to decarbonise the world's supply chains, acquired KPS Power Africa ("KPSPA") to accelerate presence in African mining.

Enernet's global footprint enables it to provide tailored energy solutions for mining, commercial, industrial, remote community and utility customers across its operations in Australia, the Philippines, the Caribbean and Sub–Saharan Africa. KPSPA finances, builds, owns and operates hybrid power plants for the mining sector in Africa. The transaction provides Enernet with a portfolio of projects and expert team to rapidly scale the business.

"The combination of KPS Power Africa's deep roots in mining and power in Africa combined with Enernet's world–leading expertise on renewable hybrid plants and competitive capital enables us to bring a unique solution to mines across Africa," said Paul Matthews, Enernet and KPSPA's CEO. "Mines are under increasing pressure to reduce scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions and their CEOs must report to investors and the market on their ambitions to reduce CO2. Together, we finance, build and operate cheaper, cleaner and more reliable power solutions for customers across Sub–Saharan Africa."

"The acquisition of KPSPA by Enernet Global is a great strategic move which allows both companies to advance hybrid power generation within mining in Africa. KPSPA has increased its exposure to the renewable energy market and Enernet Global its presence in the African mining industry, which is ideally positioned for renewable hybrid system," said Ben Zikmundovsky, KPSPA's General Manager.

Enernet and KPSPA deploy distributed on– and off–grid generation projects that integrate renewable energy, battery storage, cogeneration and existing thermal or grid supply. System design and operational optimization are underpinned by Enernet's patented technology platform.

Selling energy and services through power purchase agreements, systems are delivered at no capital cost to customers and tailored to their specific energy needs. This lowers costs, adds energy resilience and independence, and dramatically reduces emissions mines in Africa.

About Enernet Global Inc ("Enernet")
Enernet is a distributed energy service provider that finances, builds, owns and operates microgrids and drives the adoption of renewable energy, battery storage and energy efficiency solutions that displace CO2 emissions. Built on the company's proprietary software platform, Enernet's Energy–as–a–Service offering benefits on– and off–grid customers by providing less expensive, more resilient power solutions at no capital outlay for customers.

Enernet has operations in Australia, the Philippines, the Caribbean and Sub–Saharan Africa, where it focuses on power solutions for sectors that include island development, mining, commercial and industrial, remote communities, agriculture, utilities and hospitality.

About KPS Power Africa ("KPSPA")
KPS Power Africa specialises in designing, building, owning and operating power stations for African mining operations. As a leading contract power supplier to the mining sector, KPSPA provides independent power generation services with the benefit of over 30 years' experience in African mining.

Servicing all of Africa, KPSPA's purpose–built power generation systems include design, construction, operation and maintenance, reducing customers' capital and maintenance requirements. Capabilities and expertise cover multiple technologies and deliver benchmark reliability and fuel efficiency for our customers' mining operations.

Media contact:
Paul Matthews
Enernet Global Inc.
Office: +1 541 292 6422
Email: pmatthews@enernetglobal.com

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